If you an employer or insurer faced with a workers compensation claim you have a right and a responsibility to protect your best interst Let the law firm Clarke, Johnson, Peterson & McLean, PA assist you.
Our firm has been representing employers and insurers in worker’s compensation cases for nearly 40 years , The lawyers of Clarke, Johnson, Peterson & McLean, PA are committed to ensuring that your rights as an employer or insurer are protected.

Workers Compensation ClaimsOur experience defending workers compensation claims for nearly 40 years has given us the knowledge and experience to also represent injured workers. If you have been injured on the job and need skilled and prompt representation on your workers compensation claim, let the lawyers at Clarke, Johnson, Peterson & McLean, P.A. serve you

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Our experience leads us in seeking the best outcome for you. If you require assistance with the workers compensation law , either defense or claims, you can count on the experience of Clarke, Johnson, Peterson & McLean, PA. Contact us today.